Whats the truth about products that say they will biodegrade

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It was five years ago I started this blog and half buried a plastic mug that says its bio degradable in a terrarium I made. We then added the live web cam and gnome type characters named Bart the BioDegrader just for fun. The mug was to start to biodegrade in 3- 5 years, so today I pulled it out and washed it off to see what condition it was in. I’m sorry to say that other than a little dirt stuck to the surface and a little discoloration it did not show any signs of degrading. If you read the fine print on many products that say they are bio degradable of compostable you will find the conditions have to be just right for the process to work. Even though nothing has happened so far I will put the cup back in the dirt and continue watch it. The moral of this is that if you want to be sustainable and use products that claim to be good for the environment you need understand how they work or if they really work. I will say the only thing that really bio degrades in the Terrarium is the paper I line it with so the lights won’t reflect off the glass. Im trying to get more information on this mug and what conditions are needed for it to bio degrade check back for updates.

Here is a link to an article on this subject by Dave Gilson from the Mother Jones web site.

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