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We take our responsibility for environmental impact very seriously at J&A Printing. We take a global view, applying procedural processes and sourcing materials that help minimize and eliminate waste as well as improve efficiencies in print production. From packaging to paper, transportation to disposal, J&A is committed to leading the way in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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Forest Stewardship Council®

J&A Printing has been committed to the environment long before “Green” became popular.  We were moving forward with our sustainable  practices by recycling just about everything possible from metal plates, scrap paper, boxes, and even left over inks. Our solvents are being reclaimed for reuse and the work area lighting has been retrofitted with energy efficient lighting. J&A Printing is also a FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certified Printer. This Chain-of-Custody process ensures that the FSC-certified papers we use come from responsibly managed sources. Using FSC certified papers can say to your customer that you care about the environment.

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J&A Saved & Preserved

  • 1,133 Tons Recycled
  • 19,267 Total Trees Saved
  • 7,933,573 Gallons of Water Saved
  • 524,794 Gallons of Oil Saved
  • 567 Homes Powered for 1 Year
  • 3,468 Cubic Yards Of Landfill Space Saved


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