Sheridan Edmund



800-793-1781 EXT 211

Sheridan has made her career in the world of graphics and printing. In 1996, she became a member of the J&A team and never looked back. Sheridan enjoys the challenges and rewards of helping clients throughout the entire United States take advantage of the J&A Way. Her experience in every category of the industry: print, mail, personalization, sustainability options, and promotions allows Sheridan to provide assistance to all clientele. She feels privileged to have served so many clients and developed long standing professional, as well as personal relationships with many of those she has worked with over the years.

Along with her wonderful family, including her 2 children and 2 beautiful (though not perfect) grandchildren, and a constant flow of animals thanks to her daughter, a veterinarian –– Sheridan loves gardening and antiquing. Thank goodness there is always room for a little more in her mid-19th century home.