Jim Petersen



800-793-1781 EXT 207

When it comes to “Custom Manufacturing” in printing, Jim is your man. The challenges and intricacies of custom work are fascinating to Jim, and he is devoted to the business and craft of printing. It’s been his life and profession for 28-plus years. Jim finds great satisfaction in helping customers get the results they want and need. And, frankly, he is very good at his job, with a wide variety of print and mail customers across the country where success stories are endless. Jim works hard to educate his customers and works as a direct consultant for many of his direct mail customers as well as those who require extensive drop-ship fulfillment. He sums it all up in a single and very significant phrase: service, service, service!

When he’s not on the job, Jim enjoys spending time with his children, traveling, golfing, and working from his lawn tractor, which he claims to help him meditate and be more creative. He even claims that some of his best project solutions have been formulated during a mowing session.