Does your business have a Plan B

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Does your business have a plan B plan? Plan B is what you do when plan A hits a road block, in the printing industry that can be equipment breakdowns, paper not showing up or an unexpected customer alteration, just to name a few. If a customer needs a print or mail project done right and on time for an important event or product launch there can be no failure so it’s important to have options to turn to. If no plan B is readily available you can always play the “what if” game, this is where a good creative team comes in handy, by sitting down and asking the what if question usually a plan B will emerge. In business or one’s personal life too many times when a wall is suddenly is placed between us and our goal we just stand there and look at it. The American Express commercial asks what’s in your wallet, in business we need to ask what’s in your Plan B toolbox.

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