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Happy New Year!

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J&A Printing and Promotions wishes you a Happy New Year.

Should you consider backing up your computer files on paper?

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Xbox, PlayStation and Sony hacked and the internet taken down by unknown sources in North Korea, so what’s next? According to Google the definition of Malware is

“Malware is a combination of the words ‘malicious’ and ‘software’ and is a piece of software (computer program) written by someone with mischievous or, more usually, malicious and/or criminal intent. The term malware includes, amongst other things, worms, trojan horses and spyware, as well as viruses”.

Every day we here horror stories of viruses wiping computers clean of all files and programs, there has even talk about the vulnerability of our power grids, so how stable is the internet? Today’s threats from malware, hackers and even governments using the internet as a weapon are the real threats. In the past I have semi-seriously mentioned that we should back up our files on paper due to lost data caused by updates in technology or catastrophic power failures. Now maybe we should move that suggestion up to the seriously consider level. Remember paper is the renewable, recyclable and biodegradable alternative that will be here even if your computer fails.

Merry Christmas

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All of us at J&A Printing wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

J&A Printing donates gifts Chistmas

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J&A Printing employees donated gifts and food for children and their families through HACAP’s Adopt-A-Family. Many fanilies struggle to put food on the table. The holidays bring added stress to the budget with putting gifts under the tree, and those families could use a helping hand. J&A employees also donated kitchen supplies and appliances to The Catherine McAuley Center. Many are living with limited resources and go without basic necessities. With these gifts, J&A is making a difference in the lives of CMC clients in their Transitional Housing program and Adult Basic Education Program.less

Back from the SRI Conference

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Bart and I are back from the SRI Conference, I had a great time and learned a great deal. Frontier Natural products had donated two gift baskets for me to give as door prizes, one of their seasonings and one of their Aura Cacia aromatherapy products. they were won by George Dyer of Intentional Endowments Network and Harn Soper of Sustainable Farm Partners, congratulations. We also visited one my good customers in Boulder, the Brewer’s Association, here’s a photo of Bart on the bar, they didn’t have a stool small enough so he just sat on the tapper.

Great start to the SRI Conference

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Here is a photos of the J&A table at the conference, Frontier Natural Products Co-op donated two gift baskets for door prizes one has Frontiers spices and seasonings the other one has Aura Cacia aromatherapy products, they are getting a lot of attention as you can imagin.

SRI Conference

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J&A Printing is again a sponsor and exhibitor at the SRI conference (Sustainable Resource Investing) in Colorado Springs. I will be in both #13 and will have a couple of great door prizes, they are gift baskets donated by Frontier Natural Products and Aura Cacia. I hope to add a few posts from the conference that runs Sunday the 9th through the 11th so check back then. email me if you have any questions.
John Fields

PS Bart will be there signing autographs.

The results are in!

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Click on the link below to see the results of the EDDM Mailer.

EDDM Mailer Case Study Hy-Vee & Aura CaciaThe EDDM card got a 18% return, I will have more information on this project soon.

EDDM update #2

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I found one of the EDDM mailers in my mail box last night so I’m on one of the carrier routs that Hy-Vee picked. We had dropped the mailer on Tuesday so most of the cards probable were delivered yesterday. The card was the biggest in the mailbox so it did stand out and looked interesting enough to hang on to. The offer starts tomorrow so we will be watching closely to see how effective this campaign is.

EDDM update

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The Hy-Vee EDDM mailer dropped yesterday should hit homes today and tomorrow sale starts Friday.