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Does your business have a Plan B

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Does your business have a plan B plan? Plan B is what you do when plan A hits a road block, in the printing industry that can be equipment breakdowns, paper not showing up or an unexpected customer alteration, just to name a few. If a customer needs a print or mail project done right and on time for an important event or product launch there can be no failure so it’s important to have options to turn to. If no plan B is readily available you can always play the “what if” game, this is where a good creative team comes in handy, by sitting down and asking the what if question usually a plan B will emerge. In business or one’s personal life too many times when a wall is suddenly is placed between us and our goal we just stand there and look at it. The American Express commercial asks what’s in your wallet, in business we need to ask what’s in your Plan B toolbox.

RSBA Tours the Republic Waste and Recycling Collection Center

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Last week J&A Printing’s John Fields and other members of the Regional Sustainable Business Alliance RSBA, toured the Republic Waste and Recycling Collection Center in Cedar Rapids, formally City Carton. This is the same recycling facility the J&A Green team had toured 5 years ago.

West Music goes GREEN with their new Westco Educational Products catalogs

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West Music is showing their commitment to the environment by using FSC certified recycled paper for their new Westco catalog.

Westco Educational Products is dedicated to providing quality, affordable musical instruments for the classroom and home school market. Westco is committed to selecting only the very best products, which are designed to encourage and enhance a truly educational and fun learning experience. Westco products are valuable tools that empower teachers to positively impact the lives of their students. We are dedicated to providing quality musical instruments that are relevant in the classroom for many subjects not just music. Cross-curricular experiences create a higher levels of engagement, and at Westco, we believe our products can enhance a wide variety of learning situations. For more information about Westco Educational Products, please visit

J&A Printing has a new web site

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J&A Printing has a new web site check it out and let me know what you think.

Paper, Marketing & Sustainablity 2

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Yesterday John Fields, National Accounts for J&A Printing and John Parke of Domtar paper met with the members of the ACT procurement and creative teams to discuss paper, marketing and sustainability. John Parke’s presentation was from Domtar’s new issue of Print Works called The Modern Media Mix. The presentation and discussion was about how paper can be an effective media in today’s digital world. We talked about the number of advertisement messages we receive daily from radio, TV, emails and on the internet and how using a mix of these medias and paper can be the most effective. If you would like a copy of the Print Works brochure contact John Fields at

Paper, Marketing and Sustainability

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Tomorrow I will be on road visiting ACT In Iowa City Iowa with John Parke of Domtar Paper, he will be delivering a presentation on paper, sustainability and marketing to their creative department, see the below description.

With our new issue of Print Works! The Modern Media Mix, we share how print and digital media are working together to create impactful integrated marketing campaigns. We also share how print remains a sustainable, tactile and trustworthy tool – essential to any marketing plan.

I will post some highlights afterwards.
John Fields

Whats the truth about products that say they will biodegrade

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It was five years ago I started this blog and half buried a plastic mug that says its bio degradable in a terrarium I made. We then added the live web cam and gnome type characters named Bart the BioDegrader just for fun. The mug was to start to biodegrade in 3- 5 years, so today I pulled it out and washed it off to see what condition it was in. I’m sorry to say that other than a little dirt stuck to the surface and a little discoloration it did not show any signs of degrading. If you read the fine print on many products that say they are bio degradable of compostable you will find the conditions have to be just right for the process to work. Even though nothing has happened so far I will put the cup back in the dirt and continue watch it. The moral of this is that if you want to be sustainable and use products that claim to be good for the environment you need understand how they work or if they really work. I will say the only thing that really bio degrades in the Terrarium is the paper I line it with so the lights won’t reflect off the glass. Im trying to get more information on this mug and what conditions are needed for it to bio degrade check back for updates.

Here is a link to an article on this subject by Dave Gilson from the Mother Jones web site.

West Music reconizes J&A Printing as their Business Partner of the Year.

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This past Sunday J&A Printing was recognized as Business Partner of the Year by West Music. The award was presented to John Fields at their annual meeting held at the Kirkwood Hotel in Cedar Rapids Iowa. J&A has worked closely with West Music printing and mailing post cards, catalogs and other marketing materials.

Is the internet an overloaded circuit?

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I was listening to a report on new electronic gadgets this morning talking about how many new things will be connected to the internet. This reminded me of Chevy Chases Christmas vacation and the overloaded wiring scene.

So how many things can we plug into the internet? and can it handle the load we want to put on it? and how many things do we really want to connect to something that has been plagued by hackers and malware? Call me old fashion but I’m not ready to give the internet that much control of my daily life. Does the name Skynet ring a bell??????

Whats your resolution?

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Whats your resolution this year? I read on a face book post that a new years resolution is nothing more than a to-do list for the first week in January, this sounded about right for many of mine. Let me know whats on your list.