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Compostabe Sun Chip bag update

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The strip of a compostable Sun Chip bag that we put in Bart’s Terrarium in July of 2010 is finally breaking down. I noticed today it has become the constancy of jello. It took some time but it did live up to its clam, good job Frito-Lay.

The excitement of a new catalog

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Last night before Yoga class I gave my instructor a copy of the new Gaiam Yoga catalog we printed here at J&A Printing. This 84 page full color catalog is packed with all the Yoga accessories needed to make your Yoga experience complete and make you look good doing it. As she flipped through the pages you could see the excitement build, she would stop on a page and show the other students some of the new Yoga products available. After class she thanked me and said she was looking forward to spending time looking through all the pages. Paper catalogs have one advantage over on line catalogs, people will usually flip through all the pages looking at what’s available and not just do a search for a particular item. Paper catalogs will give the reader a sense of ownership, its their catalog to keep, to hold and read anywhere, any time and no electricity or batteries needed.
John Fields


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If you answered yes to any of these then here are four easy things you can do to help make your printing say you care.

FSC CERTIFIED PAPERS By using FSC Certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) you are saying that you care about the environment and our forests. FSC paper means that by a chain of custody the pulp that made this paper came from an environmentally managed forest. FSC papers can be 100% recycled, partially recycled or have no recycled content at all. In most cases FSC papers will not add any cost to your print project and the FSC logo can be added by your printer to the printed piece.

RECYCLED PAPERS Today’s recycled papers come in almost any finish, texture or color. They can have post-consumer contents or pre-consumer contents or a mixture of both, the recycled content usually ranges from 10% to 100%. By using these papers you cut down on the need for virgin pulp and provide an avenue for the use of waste papers that would have ended up in the land fill.

ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENTS Many papers have environmental calculators that will allow you to print some of the benefits of using their papers like the New Leaf Eco Audits. These can add a powerful statement that the environment is important to your company.

TARGETING By targeting your printed piece or direct mail you will cut down on waste. In the past direct mail was more of a numbers game, the more the better, but with today’s technology we can better target your customers, reducing waste and maximizing return on your investment.

UNDERSTANDING SUSTAINABILITY Many printers say they are sustainable, but how many truly understand what that means. Finding a printer that can not only talk the talk but walk the talk is an important step in forming a client/printer relationship. Remember sustainability is more than a statement on a web page.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

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contact John Fields for more information

J&A Printing sends email blast on sustainability

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J&A Printing email blast

J&A Printing donates left over paper

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J&A Printing donated a few boxes of colored paper to the Reusable Usables Creative Arts Center in LeClaire Iowa yesterday, see more about what they do at

RSBS takes a walk around Cedar Lake

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Members of the Regional Sustainable Business Collation met this past week for a brief presentation on the history of Cedar Lake in Cedar Rapids Iowa, then a walk around it on a hiking, biking trail. The small lake was created for cooling a coal-fired steam generation plant in the early 1900s. In 2008 the plant was severely damaged when the area flooded and is undergoing demolition at this time. Now that its not used for industrial purposes a group was formed, Friends of Cedar Lake, to create and implement a plan to improve the lake and surrounding area for recreational uses. You can learn more about this at

New photo for Earth Day

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I changed my LinkedIn profile photo for Earth Day, for the past 27 years I have been a volunteer scuba diver for he Linn county underwater Search and recovery unit. During that time we have spent many hour picking up trash from our local waterways. We even went after a truck that had gone into a river only to find there was another truck hidden underwater next to the one we were looking for. This photo was taken last year At Pleasant Creek state park where we helping with Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.

One thing you can do for Earth Day

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Switch all your printing to FSC papers.

Beer and the environment

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The Brewers Association shows their commitment to the environment by printing the Craft Brewers Conference programs on FSC certified recycled paper.

The Craft Brewers Conference is for professional brewers, CBC is the number one environment in North America for concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. The conference is also a great social event with 10,000+ brewing industry professionals enjoying craft brews together..
Learn more at

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